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Wilgers Animal Hospital Lab room

Wilgers Animal Hospital Prep roomWilgers Animal Hospital was established in 1995. In 2001, it changed ownership when Dr Bodo Schroeder took over the practice. In 2010, Wilgers Animal Hospital was relocated to a new, more purpose built premise. Upgraded facilities included more and improved client parking as well as a separate cat waiting room and cat hospital ward. There is also a ward where pets with infectious diseases are kept separate from the other patients.

It is small animal practice where the emphasis is based on the slogan of “Total Veterinary Care”. Wilgers Animal Hospital has invested in a digital x-ray unit, ultrasound machine as well as in-house laboratory equipment in order to provide the required veterinary care in diagnosing and treating the various medical and surgical conditions your beloved pets might be suffer with. The range of premium veterinary dog and cat food stocked by Wilgers Animal Hospital includes Hills, Eukanuba, Iams, Royal Canin, Vets choice, Ultradog and Montego ostrich. The toys and accessories makes include Rogz, Red Dog Design, and Greenies.

The staff at Wilgers Animal Hospital aspire to provide the best and friendly service you and your beloved pets deserves. Please feel to discuss or email any questions or suggestions with us. If you are unhappy about something please would you email your complaint to Dr Schroeder at bodo@wilgersvet.co.za.

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